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Making Mentorshipthe New Norm

Let us give you the tools necessary to provide guided, on-demand bursts of mentorship and resources empowering your people to be the best versions of themselves.


Mentors from the world's top organizations use Latte™

Focus on your people

We do this by incorporating dynamic, purposeful and powerful tools that make it easy to integrate Latte™ into your daily workflow.

A dynamic control panel

Latte™ Admin empowers program managers, ERG’s and the like to see at glance how their people are engaging and interacting within the platform. This allows for intentional and improved matchmaking internally with increasing success on the professional development side.

User Management

Latte™ allows for you to quickly and effortlessly add users, assign roles, create worthwhile matches and have a birds eye view of what professional wellness looks like throughout your organization.

Analytics & Reports

Understanding how people are engaging is a key component of measuring professional wellness. Latte™ enables you to view company and user wide engagement in a variety of ways, allowing you to make the best decisions possible.

Robust Tools

We give you the tools needed to make every engagement meaningful and intentional. Professional wellness is an ever evolving process, so your control panel allows for you to help your users grow while on their professional journey.

Anytime and Anywhere

Latte’s™ mobile platform makes it easy for your people to engage whenever they have the time and wherever they may be. Whether enjoying the sunshine at a local park, or while waiting for a Latte at their favorite coffee spot. Easily schedule time, take video calls, engage in curated learning content and so much more

Instant Notifications

With instant mobile notifications, you’ll always be on top of the next mentoring session.

Mobile Mentoring Sessions

Away from the computer, no problem, view, schedule and take your mentoring session from the palm of your hand.

It just works

No more hassle syncing calendars, sharing Zoom links or trying to reschedule no-call no shows. Just sit back and let us handle the logistics.

In-app Calendar & Scheduling

Live Video Sessions

Secure Single Sign-on

Reporting Analytics

Frequently asked questions


“Finding mentors in corporate America can be overwhelming, especially for Black women and underrepresented groups. Latte is able to bridge the gap, opening access pipelines to mentors/mentees across industries and at various levels (from ICs to the C Suite)”

Jessica Matos
Creative Producer, Netflix

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